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n. a guardian and protector appointed by a judge to protect and manage the financial affairs and/or the person's daily life due to physical or mental limitations or old age. The conservator may be only of the "estate" (meaning financial affairs), but may be also of the "person," when he/she takes charge of overseeing the daily activities, such as health care or living arrangements of the conservatee. The process is that a relative or friend petitions the local superior court for appointment of a specific conservator, with written notice served on the potential conservatee. The object of this concern is interviewed by a court-appointed investigator to determine need, desire and understanding of the potential conservatee as well as the suitability of the proposed conservator. An open hearing is held before the appointment is made. The conservator is required to make regular accountings which must be approved by the court. The conservator may be removed by order of the court if no longer needed, upon the petition of the conservatee or relatives, or for failure to perform his/her duties. (See: conservatee, guardian)

See: guardian

CONSERVATOR. A preserver, a protector.
     2. Before the institution of the office of justices of the peace in England, the public order was maintained by officers who bore the name of conservators of the peace. All judges, justices, sheriffs and constables, are conservators of the peace, and are bound, ex officio, to be aiding and assisting in preserving older.
     3. In Connecticut, this term is applied to designate a guardian who has the care of the estate of an idiot. 5 Conn. R. 280.

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The RTC also assumed responsibility for any liquidity support that thrift institutions in conservatorship might require, so the Joint Lending Program was discontinued.
Jesse Jones, the chairman of the former Reconstruction Finance Corporation, wrote that in drafting the conservatorship statute, the Hoover Administration and involved Federal Reserve officials believed that the title conservator was "akin to receiver but less harsh on the public ear," adding that the original object of conservatorship was "to stave off creditors long enough to rehabilitate a bank rather than let it go into receivership.
First, the modification or restructuring must occur as an integral part of a rehabilitation, conservatorship, insolvency, or similar state proceeding of a troubled insurer.
Executing a limited durable power of attorney before incompetency can, with a re* vocable trust, remove the need for a committeeship, conservatorship or guardianship, which has great advantages because of the weaknesses of court-supervised administration of a disabled person's affairs.
Description Of Services The County requires a legal services provider qualified to administer, maintain and provide legal representation in criminal, juvenile delinquency, and conservatorship proceedings to individuals identified as indigent, when such representation cannot be provided by the Public Defender due to a legal conflict of interest or other valid reason.
KTB, Bulgariaas fourth-largest lender, has been closed since June 20, when a bank run caused BNB to place the bank under conservatorship.
Since the start of conservatorship, 605,000 such foreclosure-prevention steps have been tallied.
The Byneses' petition cites their daughter's arrests in recent months and concerns about her spending as additional reasons a conservatorship is necessary.
A source revealed: "The contract clearly states if Britney's conservatorship ends, Caesars Entertainment has the right to cancel the deal.
Investors Unite and its 800 members from across the country are hopeful that Director Watt will consider other issues impacting the housing market, one of which includes ending the conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie.
However, once the conservatorship ended, Bynes again started showing the traits of her erratic behaviour as she was caught DUI and also charged of shoplifting.
The $626,529, 110-member credit union was placed into conservatorship on Oct.