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In addition to AmeriCorps Project Conserve community volunteer days ranging from trail building to river clean ups, Charlotte assists the farm managers with planting, harvesting, weeding, and general operations around GRP's sustainable agriculture farm to further strengthen GRP's farm-to-table initiative.
Habitat: conserve healthy ecosystems so native wildlife flourish.
Thus, the Seventh Circuit concluded that the taxpayer had not incurred legal fees to conserve or maintain his income-producing property within the meaning of Sec.
Varanasi, February 17 (ANI): Government of Spain recently signed an agreement with Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage or INTACH to conserve the monuments of Varanasi city.
The 219-page report states that nearly $800 million went for programs to conserve individual species.
The Coalition predicts, if the consumer understands how they are billed, they will act accordingly and conserve.
Conserve water in your home by fixing leaky faucets and using low-flow shower heads and toilets.
a company that is famous for its green buildings, agreed that property owners can do a lot to help conserve water.