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This accessibility restricts the potential targets to conserved structures of the ectodomains of viral transmembrane proteins HA, NA, and M2, in the case of influenza A viruses, and HA, NA, NB, and BM2, in the case of influenza B viruses.
Further M RNA sequences will help in determining the most conserved regions and subsequently the design of the most effective primers.
Comparing two species usually isn't enough to find these conserved sequences, says Green.
Conserved genes from other species may be mapped to the homologous region of the human genome by comparing the PCR pattern for each cell line to reference loci with well-established map positions.
Comparisons of more distantly related vertebrate and invertebrate species may be of particular value for identifying conserved genetic and molecular mechanisms (Wittbrodt et al.
Further, because The Green Book is printed on paper made entirely from PCW recycled fiber manufactured without using elemental chlorine, Office Depot conserved the following resources:
Superior National must be conserved in order to ensure that claims will be paid.
The 41-page agreement finalizes the Memorandum of Understanding completed in August between Metropolitan and the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) concerning the transfer of up to 200,000 acre-feet of conserved water from the Imperial Valley.
Since 1972, The Trust for Public Land has completed more than 5,200 park and conservation projects, conserved more than 3 million acres, and helped generate more than $34.
In Georgia, TPL has conserved more than 20,000 acres and has three primary programmatic areas: Parks for People (including the Atlanta BeltLine), Chattahoochee River Protection Campaign and Georgia Green (G2).
In Arizona, TPL has conserved more than 250,000 acres including inholdings within the Aqua Fria National Monument.