consider carefully

See: deliberate
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1 : to consider carefully : plan <Here I meditated nothing but my escape .
This is a high school story, for older YAs, but there is plenty here for younger YAs to enjoy and consider carefully as they mature.
It obliges us to consider carefully the ethical implications of scientific and technological progress, particularly in the field of medical research and genetic engineering.
AS PARENTS, EDUCATORS, AND CHURCH LEADERS, IT behooves us to consider carefully the messages we're giving our children about war and patriotism.
It's tough to make sense of this market and we had to consider carefully just how high up that capital stack we were willing to go," Zoukis said.
If you still do not see any fruit by the time summer arrives, you may want to consider carefully removing your tree with as much of its root ball as possible, amending the top 12 inches of soil and replanting.
SEC Chief Accountant Lynn Turner said the SAB is "a needed reminder to both registrants and auditors that they have to consider carefully the impact of an item on investors before deciding it is immaterial.
Therefore, before initiating any tactical action, decision makers must consider carefully the current threat to the hostages/victims, as well as the risks faced by their tactical officers.
But Rangel must consider carefully how he goes after the post so as not to disrupt the House seniority system or harm the steady ascent of his Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) colleagues.
Bush asserted the need to improve scientific knowledge about global change and to consider carefully a range of policy options to protect the global environment.
Please consider carefully the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.
By the time of the committee's August meeting, the risks had become balanced and the committee will need to consider carefully the potential ramifications of ongoing developments since that meeting.