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Mahathir's characterization of Jewish strength (caricatured, to be sure, but still visible for all the world to see in Israel) should have drawn so much more attention than this revolutionary exhortation from the same speech: ''Remember the considerateness of the Prophet to the enemies of Islam.
In addition, publishers of textbooks could increase efforts to improve the considerateness of textbooks, and to provide more supplemental materials that would be useful for students with reading difficulties.
The gentry and aristocracy he associates with past knighthood, with the manners, elegance, and considerateness that render a nation beautiful.
He states, "[a] governmental organization characterized by internal considerateness is likely to be more considerate of citizens with which it deals than is a governmental agency conducted within itself on authoritarian lines.
poor customer relations Involving a lack of considerateness and being rude when dealing with complaints.
Can all this considerateness make the paper too soft?
The sharing is marked by considerateness toward others and recognition that others' distinctive individualities and overall experience are inherently relevant to their learning.
George's maturity, considerateness, tact, are intimately connected to the gayness that sets him apart from the social norms, permitting him a wise distance from the practices and conventions in which those around him are entangled.
his personal approachability, considerateness, and unassuming public demeanour enabled him to gain an almost complete ascendancy without the appearance of running a `presidential' or `prime ministerial' system.
This is a principle of considerateness, a principle of reciprocity.
If the IMF's opposition to the CBS plan can be softened and the international financial institution can develop some understanding and considerateness in "coercing" its economic reform program on Indonesia, then the monetary and economic situation in this country can be a little bit more peaceful.
For instance, while Smith (1952) found some agreement with Waller, he noted that such qualities as friendliness and considerateness were rated higher than status-laden attributes, even though campus prestige (e.