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This is why companies such as Google, Amazon, and Apple explicitly look for kindness and considerateness in prospective hires, and seek to foster such characteristics in their corporate environments.
At primary school age, family factors, adaptability in particular or parents professional activity, and coping strategies, such as behavioral avoidance and cognitive avoidance, had a limited effect on several dimensions of schoolroom behavior, such as intelligent behavior, considerateness, or independence, as the results of the hierarchical regression analyses show.
We were now the epitome of considerateness, picking up trash and going out of our way to be courteous.
Moreover, equality in liberty also fosters considerateness and toleration, because occupations and beliefs are so open, so little ascribed, so voluntary.
He had forgiven her, a part of him reasoned, and acted out of exaggerated considerateness only in order to remind them both what domestic harmony was like, to set a good example, to open a new path.
Arguably, a direct transfer of biblical experiences into ethical directives and policy measures is even less possible, but such an approach offers revealing insights into the manner in which the relation and attitude to the "other" is grounded in the belief in God--an attention and considerateness that is expected and continued in the New Testament (John 1:11; parables).
It should be conducted with as little delay as possible and with great courtesy and considerateness.
Her ostensible sociability and considerateness hide her unflinching self-centeredness.
The most frequently mentioned characteristics included cooperation, personal magnetism, personal appearance, breadth and intensity of interest, considerateness, and leadership.
John Wain is effusive in his remembrance, describing Warren Lewis as "the most courteous [man] I have ever met--not with mere politeness, but with a genial, self-forgetting considerateness that was as instinctive to him as breathing" (184).
Insofar as we are players in a mutual social enterprise of activities in a civil society, that enterprise requires a level of maturity, competency, and considerateness in our activities.
Melissa Bagge, 23, said she fell for her husband's sense of humor, considerateness, confidence, "bright blue eyes" and strong religious convictions.