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However, despite all that, water bears are not considered true extremophiles, since continued exposure to extreme conditions increases their chances of dying, because they are not adapted to live in those conditions.
But, with so much of scepticism surrounding the hot topic, what should be considered true, and what is fiction?
Even though all our power could not dominate in Vietnam, it is not considered true patriotism to be against increasing our killing power.
But the belief will not be considered true any longer if all the information across the globe can be transformed into datasets and they are put into robots and AI platforms.
Tehran may even aspire to turn the PMF, at least the parts that can be considered true proxies, into an Iraqi-style IRGC or Lebanese Hezbollah, though Iran likely recognizes the size and diversity of Iraqi Shia groups makes creating a singular body like that quite difficult.
I ask for the understanding of Maronite friends who are not considered true Christians.
Patients with symptom improvement who received no treatment were clinically considered true negatives for GVHD.
Baby Boomers that prepare beef six or more times per month are considered true meat lovers and tend to be our most loyal consumers.
Seventeen percent (17%) of the cases for which consultations were sought were considered true dermatological emergencies.
1) Chronic brucellar hepatosplenic abscesses (brucellomas) are rare (about 2% of cases), being considered true focal complications.
At least that's considered true in the latest teleserye craze, On the Wings of Love (OTWOL), from media that hit television screens in August.
The subjective view of an egoist was considered true and when he decided to pack up his toys and quit it and social media altogether there was much OMGing and gnashing of teeth from people who probably don't look anywhere else for information on current affairs.