considered true

See: assumed
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However, this is not considered true interoperability as it is still based on vendors' proprietary APIs and not on true, open standards.
Loan money can't be considered true aid since the money has to be paid back--with interest.
No, it is not a lack of competence as the former Stanford economist and New York Federal Reserve official respectively are considered true heavyweights in their fields.
Particular interpretations of texts are considered true and others false.
Far from being itself perceived as an established truth, a "matter of fact" was an issue placed before a jury; not to be considered true or believable until evidence had been presented: "The act, the fact, thus required proof" (10).
Keegan is right on one thing, the West Ham prodigy still has some way to go before he can be considered true international class, but at least the signs are there.
Throughout the book, the highest compliment Paperno pays to certain of his subjects is that they might be considered true members of the intelligentsia, true men or women of culture.
Another issue is whether this factor applies to business needs that may not be considered true emergencies; an example is employees who eat at their desks so they can respond to urgent business situations.
The corollary is that nothing said about the organization by its officers is considered true until proven.
Of the three techniques, only two are considered true plastic applications; the third is a low-cement, high-clay version of a gunned castable mix.
And, the same was considered true with encryption and de-duplication.