See: advice, assembly, committee, counsel, design, determination, direction, discernment, end, expedient, facility, guidance, instrumentality, intent, intention, judgment, object, panel, policy, project, reason, scheme, strategy, suggestion

CONSILIUM, or dies consilii, practice. A time allowed for the accused to make his defence, and now more commonly used for a day appointed to argue a demurrer. In civil cases, it is a special day appointed for the purpose of hearing an argument. Jer. Eq. Jur. 296; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3753.

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It were better that in causes of weight, the matter were propounded one day, and not spoken to till the next day; in nocte consilium.
Manufacturing and engineering recruiter Consilium Group has unveiled the specialist team after witnessing a surge in investment within the industry which has been fuelled by a renewed confidence in British manufacturing and Whitehall-led funding.
com)-- Consilium Software, an independent software vendor of Cisco Compatible products for unified communications and contact centers, has announced that it is now a Preferred Solution Partner within the Cisco[R] Solution Partner Program.
Press enquiries Consilium Strategic Communications Lindsey Neville Email: waroncancer2015@consilium-comms.
Amber Fennell, Partner at Consilium Strategic Communications, the Official PR Agency of The Economist Events' War on Cancer forum, commented: "The war against cancer is an ongoing battle.
The findings have been revealed in the annual Manufacturing Salary Survey produced by Midlandbased recruitment specialist Consilium Group.
In the two consilia that Kuehn compares, the issue at stake was crucial to the marriage market and its resolution by consilium influenced the drafting of the 1415 statutes, thereby serving as a funnel for the infusion of ius commune into statute law.
Yet another investment advisor has its eye on Cuba: INTL Consilium LLC, based in Fort Lauderdale.
To implement the Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium of Vatican II, Paul VI appointed in 1964 what he called a Consilium of forty bishops and two hundred experts under the control of his chief artisan of reform, the Vincentian priest, Annibale Bugnini.
Consilium Technologies, which provides IT solutions for local authorities, is organising an awards programme to recognise excellence in e-government.
Developed in partnership with Consilium Technologies, the new system has enabled the council to close its central stores and instead source materials and supplies from the nationwide Travis Perkins chain under a five year deal.
Theorists struggle to reduce dispositio to a formula, and find the orator's consilium difficult to describe.