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Thru scientific molding, we determine effective molding cycle time and molding process aiming shorter cycle time, consistence quality.
Al-Suwaiket commented that the new push-pull units are provided with high-quality specifications, performance and techniques in consistence with the environmental and climatic conditions of the Kingdom.
Hussain Al Hammadi, the Minister of Education, said: "The proposed code will regulate the learning process in consistence with the noble pedagogy's imperatives, creating the Emirati schools that we all aspire for and which are free of improper behaviours and practices so as to build a generation of confident, outstanding students who are proud of their nation and have a sense of belonging to their nation and leadership.
Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta, Natioal Ozone Cell Project Director, MoCC said, It is motivating to note that Pakistan is en route to wipe out Ozone depleting substances and is in full consistence with the objectives set-out by the International ozone bodies.
He also highlighted the obligation to respect stability and public order, in addition to preserving the government's consistence amid the current presidential vacuum.
He will excite us this season but he is still a teenager so may not have the consistence yet to his game.
SCORPIO Oct 23- Nov 21 Consistence is the need of the hour on the academic front.
It is of a liquid consistence at the beginning, therefore it might be put into any form and easily be shaped before hardening.
Last week JEM chief negotiator Ahmed Tugud Lissan told Sudan Tribune they want an agreement in consistence with the notion of two tracks one peace process, as provided in the peace plan adopted by the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) last September.
The UAE demanded the UN Human Rights Council and the international community to provide immediate protection for the Palestinian people including East Jerusalem in consistence with the UN Charter, international law, international humanitarian law and international human rights law.
Sergio Perez scored the team's second podium in Bahrain finishing third behind the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, but Hulkenberg - fourth in the drivers' standings with 36 points - has impressed everyone with his consistence.
The seminar recommended the dissemination of legal culture, the awareness on the importance of observing the public system, the promotion of the culture of dialogue as a value that enables different individuals, groups and organizations of the society to communicate in consistence with the inherent values, in addition to urging the community toward moderation and keeping away from excessive expenditure in social events, such as weddings and mourning ceremonies in commitment to the teachings of Islamic Sharia.