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June 29,1815 (Salem, 1815), 10; Fairfield West Consociation, Calm Dissuasive, 6,38.
Drawing on both the theory and the empirical evidence of his study, Sillanpaa says that national governments seem to be moving from strategies of control to strategies of consociation, leaving increased possibilities for the Sami to put forward claims to territory and aboriginal rights--a niche in Nordic society.
But the road is still wide open for a political solution: either separation or consociation.
Covenant is characterized as a commitment among several counterparties under common pursuit of shared values for long-term consociation and cooperation, while a contract is an enforceable agreement between self-interested individuals for the pursuit of mutual benefits, or in short: "Contracts aim at mutual gain while covenants aim at mutual give" (133).
The Albanians speak of autochthonous Albanian lands, about federalization of Macedonia, new Ohrid Agreement, changes in the state symbols, and implementation of full consociation democracy as it was define in theory ('Badinter' double majority voting for every Law, which means ethnic veto for any decision, not just for certain areas and questions).
Part 1: What Consociationalists Can Learn from Northern Ireland, 41 GOV'T & OPPOSITION 43, 43-63 (2006) [hereinafter McGarry & O'Leary, Part 1] (affirming that consociationalism is a valuable political theory, despite the fact that it suffers from some important weaknesses); John McGarry & Brendan O'Leary, Consociational Theory, Northern Ireland's Conflict, and its Agreement 2: What Critics of Consociation Can Learn from Northern Ireland, 41 GOV'T & OPPOSITION 249, 249-77 (2006) [hereinafter McGarry & O'Leary, Part 2] (highlighting the serious weaknesses in anticonsociational arguments).
Bypassing the considerable literature on this topic, (19) I would define the term consociation as follows: Consociation is a political format in which significantly different and potentially conflicting populations live in peace and make progress by authorizing their respective elites to make consensual decisions on their behalf.
He considers why the efforts failed, whether the failure was inevitable and if so why they were used again, the impact of external pressures, and whether such consociation can be successful in the absence of positive external pressures.
Indeed, the European Union has already been characterized as a case of confederal consociation.
The states are held within a consociation, which is one element of the dual structure that comprises the horizontal linkage between the individual nation-states, and the vertical linkage between the EU nation-states and the EU "collectivity.
The Holdridge consociation is a middle terrace alluvial Andic Humitropept, consisting [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] of an A horizon (0-22 cm) characterized by 28% clay, 4.