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Many of the Somerset players could barely bring themselves to look at wicketkeeper Paul Nixon and when he tried to offer a consolatory word to the mild-mannered Jos Buttler - what a player by the way - the youngster seemed to tell him where to go in no uncertain fashion.
The models were consolatory as well as explanatory ones, and unusually for evangelicals, they gave weight to the role of fate and fortune, as well as divine providence, in the ordering of human affairs.
Plunkett and Ben Harmison (24) shared a consolatory ninth wicket partnership of 52 but Kerrigan and Chapple added further wickets.
One of his last engagements was at the Barbican Cup meeting, two weeks after the Waterloo, when the aerial there was continued by Bleriot, who divided the consolatory Purse.
any person serving any sentence in a prison and who, based on the written evidence of the medical practitioner treating that person, is diagnosed as being in the final phase of any terminal disease or condition may be considered for placement under correctional supervision or on parole, by the Commissioner, Correctional Supervision and Parole Board or the court, as the case may be, to die a consolatory and dignified death.
In the third stage, in which Nilekani sees only a consolatory role for the UIA, the new infrastructure and database will be used to drive transparency and accountability in public services.
Ao Inter coach Jose Mourinho had consolatory words for his counterpart as he refused to make a big deal out of his sideAAEs win.
The Hoops could only manage a 0-0 draw at home to Hearts, but even a win would have only been consolatory by virtue of the Gers' win.
Rae's primary interest is in 'resistant mourning' found in texts that refuse the consolatory discourse of Freud and of British propaganda following World War I, both of which encouraged mourners to 'work through' their grief, either for personal or national benefit.
England were even denied a consolatory success in between when Andrew Strauss dropped Dravid, on 31, at slip off left-arm spinner Monty Panesar.
Characters with beautiful deformations--the boy with keys for fingers or the shapeshifting child--are revealed as consolatory and illuminating disfigurements: "Make yourself a structure you can live inside.
And when the two lock horns in Christchurch in 13 days, Woodward will be hoping to send the same consolatory message to the Kiwi coach.