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After considering various alternatives, we decided that Hyperion's analytic applications were the best solution to meet our complex budgeting, forecasting and consolidation processes," said Mark Bruininga, vice president of information technology for Charles E.
The consolidations and budgetil structures to easily manage, view and report on financial information across their enterprise.
Despite these concerns, the final regulations allow consolidations and amalgamations to qualify, because the Service did not believe that the existence of the consolidating or amalgamating entities within the resulting corporation prevents a consolidation or an amalgamation from qualifying as a statutory merger or consolidation.
It was thought both that the 3 percent of GDP room allowed for automatic stabilizers would prove sufficient for most downturns, and that the benefits of expansionary consolidations would become evident (and buy off opposition).
The federal government makes consolidation loans available to help borrowers manage their student loan debt.
Ken Steinhardt, director of Technology Analysis at EMC, lists the top three drivers of SAN deployments: consolidation, control and continuity.
If the Pentagon begins to view its supplier base on a `global' basis and not `national' basis, the implication is that future consolidations can be done,'' said Pierre Chao, a defense analyst with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.
The next few sections will be an examination of how centralized implementations of union catalogs meet the functional characteristics-the broad areas of consistent searching/indexing, consolidation of records, and performance/management--described above.
The Board, however, is not addressing the question of applying the principles of consolidation to joint ventures partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations; the FASB plans to examine those matters in separate future projects.
5 Combine to Enable Continuous Server Consolidation That Transcends Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Conversion Technology
As many foreign jurisdictions now have merger statutes that operate like those of the states, under which all assets and liabilities move by operation of law, the IRS changed the definition of an A reorganization to allow transactions effected pursuant to these statutes to qualify as statutory mergers or consolidations for Sec.