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First, she assured Seymour that she did not blame him for his past failings, noting consolingly that "thousands of the brightest & best men fall under the habit of stimulants.
It is consolingly pointed out that the total defense cost can still be held to just under 10 percent of the gross national product, whereas in Soviet Russia the percentage spent on armament undoubtedly runs higher.
It's half a joke, someone will explain consolingly, and everyone misses.
It was at that point runner-up Sebastien Vettel consolingly rubbed his shoulder, to which sharp-as-a-tack Button quipped: "I'll get you stroking it (the buttock) later Sebastien, don't wor r y.
Diane's selfhood first disappears into her consolingly fantasized performances of the images she has consumed at the movies; once the screen is dismantled, confronting her with the real memory of her failure as an actress and her responsibility for Camilla's murder, she disappears into madness and suicide.
Of course he does," we reassure them consolingly, and launch a discussion about how to achieve reliability--getting your dog to do what you ask of him anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.
He has an outstanding record in one-day cricket and he'll feature heavily in the Twenty20," Maddy said consolingly.