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Not surprisingly, vireos did not respond to conspecific models at all (Ward & Schlossberg 2004).
4 tongue flicks per pheromone test) and to conspecific pheromone swabs in 67.
Hence, conditions in this experiment were optimal for the operation of conspecific sperm precedence as a barrier to hybridization.
Neither parthenogen exhibited territorial behavior but there is evidence that, at least sometimes, they defend their burrows from conspecifics.
In addition, I found that plants at the coldest site at the highest elevation required significantly fewer growing degree days above zero to flower than their conspecifics at lower and warmer elevations, which suggests that the plants at the highest elevation are evolutionarily adapted to the colder, shorter growing season at higher elevations (Olsson and Agren, 2002).
If the native dune species are being directly negatively impacted by their Centaurea neighbors, we would expect the native species to disproportionately have conspecific neighbors instead of Centaurea neighbors and the level of segregation between the native and invasive species would be high.
Based on the original attachment site, individuals were categorized as either conspecific-attached (attached to conspecific individuals; i.
1] and [gamma] immunoglobulins when compared with reference interval values and conspecifics.
To determine whether shelter limitation influences whether Diadema antillarum will co-occupy a shelter with a conspecific.
2008; Smith and Cain, 2009), distance to safety or other conspecifics (Blumstein et al.
2) During the first social context a conspecific were only present but without novel or familiar food.

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