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7 kg) and 16 months after arrival at the institution, had a similar presentation to the conspecific bird in case 1.
Summary of mean overlap between mapped Canyon and Rock wren home ranges and their nearest conspecific or heterospecific neighbor, measured from the intersection of 95% fixed kernels and 50% fixed kernel utilization distributions (UDs).
Body posture, vocalizations or the incorporation of bright coloration are typically used to establish dominance (Wiley 1973, Warner 1975, Clarke and Faulkes 1997, Peterson and Jacobs 2002) alert conspecifics of nearby threats or foraging opportunities (Godin and Morgan 1985, Beauchamp and Heeb 2001, Le Roux et al.
In this context, only animals infected with conspecific viruses can be regarded as reservoirs for a given virus.
Whether or not such antagonism is contextually adaptive, it is evident that California towhees perceive conspecifics at close proximity as threats.
Male cockroach nymphs exhibit significantly faster development when grouped with conspecific males than when alone (Holbrook and Schal, 1998).
Fokkema & Koolhaas, 1985; Fokkema, Smit, Van der Gugten, & Koolhaas, 1988), thus supporting the adequacy of our preparation for evoking conspecific fighting.
All subjects (80 adult male and female zebra finches) lived in two unisexual adult groups of conspecifics in 3 x 3 x 2 m aviaria near Seville, Spain, where water and food (seeds and vegetables) were supplied ad libitum.
However, although the majority of experiments retained their test crab (~70%), if a test crab escaped from the pot before interacting with a conspecific, the pot essentially became a control pot.
Not only were males perching and returning to perches momentarily, but they appeared to be flying at conspecific males who came near the lily pad on which they were perched.
Lee (1966) described and illustrated the male, but no justification is presented that assures that it is conspecific with the specimens studied by Kishida (1943).
In two separate trials involving two different apparatuses--one featuring ramps, the other trays--Vonk's subjects were provided opportunities either to reward only themselves with fruit, to reward only their conspecific partners, or to furnish food for both themselves and their partners.

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