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39) In addition to a visible visceral pleural line, additional findings of a pneumothorax in a supine patient include a deep sulcus, increased conspicuity of the cardiac apex or fat pad, abnormally lucent medial sulcus, the double diaphragm sign, and depressed ipsilateral diaphragm.
The two types of conspicuity are sensory and cognitive.
The conspicuity of a traffic control device refers to the probability that the device will be noticed.
Another reason for the conspicuity of the greatest kinds is that there is a good deal of overlap between these kinds and the divisions according to the cause of the reproductive parts and modes of reproduction.
Mazda has improved matters somewhat in the former respect by simplifying the layout of the centre console and enhancing the conspicuity of key instruments and controls by ringing them with a satinpolish silver trim that's easier to see.
3M manufactures reflective sheeting and matched components for traffic signs, pavement marking systems, including durable tapes, liquid and wet reflective systems and raised pavement markers; products and systems for motor vehicle registration and license plates; conspicuity markings for commercial vehicles and rail cars.
Flights that are identified by the aircraftOs own automatically downlinked aircraft identification are assigned a Mode S conspicuity transponder codeNA1000Nto alert controllers, especially those using legacy systems, to the flightOs status.
Effects of lesion conspicuity on visual search in mammogram reading.
Wheel stop conspicuity is especially critical in dimlylit, nighttime conditions.
2) Early clinical results show that, in comparison with FFDM, DBT has higher conspicuity (Fig.
3M will also showcase its Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tape which is six times brighter than conventional markings.
Existing guidelines (for example, the ILE Outdoor Lighting Guide [ILE 2005]) tend to recommend a luminance ratio between an object and its background according to the degree of conspicuity (saliency) required, with a higher luminance contrast being recommended for a higher degree of conspicuity.