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It has been a long and winding road, but the Beatles are finally available on iTunes, filling a conspicuous gap in the digital music store's library.
He continued: "These displays are costly for the males - they make them more conspicuous to predators and they have to keep their ornamental (feathers) in good nick.
It was Niebuhr who cautioned us against the sin of pride, the belief (so conspicuous in the current administration) that we are an especially virtuous people.
In contrast to the motorcycle industry's stance on helmets, automakers played an early and conspicuous role in the debate over seat belt laws, which they began pushing in 1983 as an alternative to the air bags the federal government was threatening to require.
But beyond the Griggs Crucifixion, such euphoria and violence will not be conspicuous in the Met show.
Conspicuous began his career with Paul Cole before moving to Gerald Cottrell at the beginning of his four-year-old season.
Evolutionary forces aren't pushing fish toward conspicuous colors, according to the findings of Gil Rosenthal of the Boston University Marine Program.
The FACT Act provides that if any financial institution (1) extends credit and regularly and in the ordinary course of business furnishes information to a nationwide consumer reporting agency; and (2) furnishes negative information to such an agency regarding credit extended to a customer, the institution must provide a clear and conspicuous notice about furnishing negative information, in writing, to the customer.
Include a functioning opt-out mechanism, clear and conspicuous notice of the opportunity to opt-out, along with the requirement to honor any such opt-out request;
All signs were pointing to Chirac announcing the law that would forbid conspicuous religious symbols such as Muslim headscarves in schools, in a speech expected later this afternoon.
Conspicuous for its absence: not a single song from ``Seven and the Ragged Tiger.
MacArthur noted in the June 6th Providence Journal, the Times' conspicuous self-flagellation over the Blair and Bragg affairs "covers up far more serious transgressions by the 'paper of record.