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Elsevier announced its acquisition of Mendeley, a London-based research management and collaboration company, to the consternation of some scholars and the support of others.
Consternation now equals unholy mess with the General running the executive ragged.
While we understand the consternation, we'd like to point out that Arkansas Business and our cousin publication, Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, have been writing about the potential for a Walton-sponsored museum since March 2005.
Ben-Ari wrote in his letter, =93When one who is supposed to represent the State says about herself that the function entrusted to her causes her consternation, and that she does not see herself as representing the national anthem or flag, and even denies that the State of Israel should be the State of the Jewish People =96 this is an indication that it should reconsidered whether the woman is appropriate to represent us in that forum.
Cue consternation at the Dorchester, where a source said: "Staff got a frantic call from Angelina at the airport, urging them to take her room apart.
In the resolution, which will be voted on on 15 January, MEPs express their consternation faced with the suffering of the civilian population of Gaza and deplore that civilians and UN targets have been hit during the attacks.
If the report wasn't so ridiculous, I could understand the consternation but, let's face it, the man is nothing but a wretched geek.
THE sweet smell of success is something very familiar to one household name in Newmarket, but a rather unwelcome pungent odour has given him cause for consternation in recent times.
WAYNE ROONEY has caused consternation at the HQ of Britain's leading ginger-nut campaigners.
It was looking like stalemate until two minutes from time when Luke Bowen's strike was ruled to have crossed the line by the assistant referee, much to the consternation of Welsh pool defenders.
They might not exactly have been flapping like a bat out of hell but there would have been consternation among fans and at the NEC when the mighty Meat Loaf cut his appearance in Newcastle.
The Rolling Stones frontman said he thought the singer - who caused consternation in recent months with a string of cancelled gigs and violent public rows with her husband - was going through a normal part of stardom.