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To comprise or put together. That which is duly constituted is properly made up and formally correct and valid.

Constituted authorities are officers who are properly appointed under constitutional provision to govern the people.


(Compose), verb be a feature, be inherrnt, be part of, belong, belong intrinsically, classify as, commonere, comprise, consist of, contain, create, efficere, embrace, encompass, form, include, incorporate, inhere in, involve, make up, produce, put together


(Establish), verb bring about, bring about by legislation, charter, codify, commission, constituere, create, creete by law, declare lawful, decree, designare, determine, devise, effect, effect by legislation, effectuate, empower, enact, endorse, engender, formulate, formulate by law, give legal form to, inaugurate, install, institute, invest, legalize, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, license, make legal, ordain, organize, originate, pass, prescribe, prescribe by law, put in force, sanction, set up, statuere, validate
Associated concepts: constitute a cause of action, constitute a crime, constitute a fraud, constitute an obstruction
Foreign phrases: Eodem modo quo quid constituitur, dissolvitur.A thing is discharged in the same way in which it was created.
See also: comprehend, comprise, consist, create, embody, establish, frame, include, launch, make, nominate

TO CONSTITUTE, contr. To empower, to authorize. In the common form of letters of attorney, these words occur, I nominate, constitute and appoint."

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Public charities may engage in lobbying as long as it does not constitute a "substantial part" of their total activities.
Trutanich, odors from methamphetamine cooking were held to constitute "direct physical loss" to covered property under a homeowners policy, because the odor damaged the house.
7) Both of these cases involved findings by the Court that certain government civil sanctions, despite the "civil" label, could constitute punishment under the Constitution and, therefore, require greater protections.
They further contend that any letter of credit provided by the seller-lessee constitutes additional collateral under paragraph 12(d) of Statement no.
With respect to a rabbi trust, the question arises whether an employer setting aside unsecured funds for the purpose of paying promised benefits constitutes a currently taxable conferment of benefits.
What constitutes an order to accelerate may raise numerous factual issues.
P grouped B and G together to constitute a single "activity.
The only guideline is that the prior purchases must be "old and cold," but no time period is specified for determining what constitutes "old and cold.
constitutes a fixed place of business, (11) thereby potentially subjecting the foreign person's income generated through the ISP to U.