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He was in command of a detachment of men constituting a picket-guard.
The poor man made the blunder of constituting himself supreme judge of the administration and of all the officials who compose it; he wants to do away with the present state of things, and he demands that there be only three ministries.
The banks, themselves constituting one of the most important forces of the Oligarchy, continued to call in credits.
There are few who have lost a friend or relative constituting in life their sole dependence, who have not keenly felt this chilling influence of their sable garb.
It must not be forgotten that, on my theory, all the species of the same genus have descended from some one species; so that if six genera, each having eight species, be found in one geological formation, and in the next succeeding formation there be six other allied or representative genera with the same number of species, then we may conclude that only one species of each of the six older genera has left modified descendants, constituting the six new genera.
We generally see it constituting the fundamental rock, and, however formed, we know it is the deepest layer in the crust of this globe to which man has penetrated.
Within fifty years after Alfred's death, to be sure, his descendants had won back the whole of England from 'Danish' rule (though the 'Danes,' then constituting half the population of the north and east, have remained to the present day a large element in the English race).
Then, according to Meinong, we have to distinguish three elements which are necessarily combined in constituting the one thought.
He appreciated it as by no means constituting a danger.
My brothers are welcome," he said, cunningly constituting himself the master of the region in which they had met, and assuming the offices of hospitality.
The number of Omani visitors stood at 159,839, constituting 61.
A modification that actually restricts or reduces the benefits granted to the service provider will not ordinarily be treated as a material modification constituting treatment as a new grant.