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The manner in which he devoured ground, and endured the dreaded kickback, en route to a neck victory over old foe Prince Bishop augurs well for his chances come Saturday, March 28 where he will take on American Horse of the Year and winner of the Kentucky Derby (G1) and Preakness Stakes (G1), California Chrome, last year's Florida Derby (G1) scorer and recent Donn Handicap (G1) victor Constitutio and Bayern, winner of the Breeders' Cup Classic (G1).
It can also be found in Gil Hellin, Constitutio dogmatica De Ecclesia Lumen Gentium, Concilii Vatican II Synopsis (Vatican City: Vatican, 1995) 1027-29.
Sull'impiego di tali codici, nello specifico, nella constitutio del [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] si veda Paton, Pohlenz & Sieveking 197 2:XXVI-XXVIII.
He mentions the increasing Hellenization of Easterners as a factor and the parallel Romanization of the citizens of the empire, culminating in the Constitutio Antoniniana of 212.
2) The usual impression given by scholars is that it was drafted by rubes and amateurs who didn't know a constitutio libertatus from a shopping list.
For details, see Michael Connors, "Framing the 'People's Constitutio,'" in Duncan McCargo, ed.
Seruitus est constitutio iuris gentium, qua quis dominio alieno
13) See Francisco Gil Hellin, Constitutio dogmatica de divina revelatione Dei verbum, Concilii Vaticani II synopsis in ordinem redigens schemata cure relationibus necnon patrum orationes atque animadversiones (Vatican City: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1993)p.
What Puff finds interesting--and telling--about this 'silence' is that it came even though a new imperial law code, the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina of 1532, "might have provided a novel stimulus for trials of same-sex sexual acts (p.
Daneloni says (8) that he is leaving for another occasion an analysis of the marginalia not dealing with the constitutio textus.
60) Ut enim ibi, id est in mensura Ottonis, quaerentibus manifestum est, nulla vel usualis vel naturalis in eius descriptione invenitur constitutio specierum, nulla dispositio troporum, nulla principalium plena chordarum operatio, nullus in agnitione modorum consequens ordo .
Concilii Vaticani H Synopsis: Constitutio dogmatica de divina revelationis Dei verbum [Vatican City: Typis Vaticanis, 1993] 167).