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A detailed history was taken and note was made regarding age, sex, duration of symptoms, constitutional symptoms and history of contact with tuberculosis patient.
Mechanistically, the robust initial innate response is responsible for the constitutional symptoms and local site reactions seen in pooled data from the two pivotal clinical trials: 70%-85% of participants receiving HZ/su reported injection-site pain, 38% of participants receiving HZ/su reported redness, and about a quarter reported swelling.
fever, headache, or other constitutional symptoms and skin lesions) for 21 days after exposure and to immediately report symptoms to the hospital's public health department if any occurred (1).
HZ in children typically has a benign course with mild constitutional symptoms such as fever, headache and regional lymphadenitis.
Patients presenting with constitutional symptoms in addition to local areas of lymphadenopathy was also reported by Weir and Thornton (1985).
2] Most of the patients present with constitutional symptoms such as fatigue, fever, weight loss, and abdominal pain.
There was no history of fever, loss of appetite and other constitutional symptoms.
She was otherwise well with no other constitutional symptoms.
Constitutional symptoms may include headache, fever, and anorexia.
I'm pretty diligent about testing teens admitted with unexplained fever, vague constitutional symptoms, and those with symptoms that suggest another STI.
After 10 months of treatment with multibacillary multi drug therapy (MB-MDT); he had an unusual Type 2 lepra reaction (T2R) with constitutional symptoms, perichondritis, epididymo-orchitis, bilateral pedal edema and tender inguinal lymph nodes (Figure: 3); but without erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) and neuritis.

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