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00 Usp) measured in the fluids collected from cultures containing glucose as enzyme inducer probably indicates that a small amount of this enzyme is produced constitutively by P.
Horizon offers not just plasmids for CRISPR gene editing, but also custom guide RNA design and validation (to provide customers with confidence that they are working with a suitably active guide); custom donor design and manufacturing; QuickStart cell lines that constitutively produce Cas9 nickase; over 550 X-MAN cell lines ready for further modification; and direct access to Horizon's expert gene-editing scientists.
Neuralstem's patented technology enables the ability to produce neural stem cells of the human brain and spinal cord in commercial quantities, and the ability to control the differentiation of these cells constitutively into mature, physiologically relevant human neurons and glia.
They uncovered that a constitutively active or "on" BTK 'switch' enhanced the production of interferon, resulting in a stronger and more lasting anti-viral response with significant reduction in Dengue viral counts.
Pretreatment with the AMPK-specific activator 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide riboside (AICAR) or overexpression of a constitutively active AMPK-[alpha]l plasmid reversed arsenic-induced inhibition of neurite outgrowth.
Furthermore, these two constraints are best met by a metaphysical interpretation of mathematics that takes mathematical entities to be constitutively constructed by human activity in a manner similar to the constitutive construction of the U.
Although 'Other Bodies' (Chapter 4) was written after 'Individualism and the Mental', it marks the beginning of Burge's defense of anti-individualism--the thesis that many representational mental states and events are constitutively what they are partly in virtue of relations between the individual in those states and the physical environment.
Describing conscience as called to realize charity he establishes conscience as constitutively relational despite the call to autonomy.
Of these MRSA strains, 75% were constitutively resistant, whereas 76% of MSSA were inducibly resistant.