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Numerous methods have been described for removal of constricting devices.
The material used in constructing the gauntlet was chosen to provide a snug fit on any adult forearm for extended periods of time without constricting blood flow.
The researchers suggest that nicotine in the smoke might cause pain by constricting blood vessels in the uterus.
Those long lines of orange barrels, constricting rows of concrete walls, and diamond-shaped "Road Work Ahead" signs have popped up again all along the highways and byways we travel every day.
Finally, tests indicated that the women suffered from coronary spasms, which occur when the smooth muscle of the coronary arteries suddenly contracts, constricting the heart's blood supply.
Typical symptoms include the horse grabbing a wood rail or other object, arching its neck, constricting the larynx and "sucking air," which releases endorphins that produce an unnatural "high.
Healthy vessels secrete EDRF to balance the constricting effect of [epinephrine]," Yeung says.
These solutions enable companies developing microprocessors, high-performance digital signal processing chips, high-end graphics processors, and high-speed telecommunications chips to design, verify, and deliver working silicon within today's constricting market windows.
This, he says, implies that the recently isolated compound exerts the same cardiac effects as plant ouabain: strengthening the heartbeat and constricting blood vessels.
At a time when many competitors are closing data centers and constricting their points of presence, NTT America is continuing to establish and expand its presence across the United States.
The cocaine, he says, might have slowed the absorption of the irritant by constricting blood vessels.
The rating is based on AIG's well-diversified business position, which is poised to strengthen further in light of constricting capacity, a track record of excellent operating performance that should improve further given significant rate improvements, and very strong capitalization.