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We use the notion of PHASAL DECOMPOSITION to refer to this aspect of event construal.
These examples illustrate an important feature of metonymic reasoning, characterizing it as a highly dynamic construal mechanism.
Langacker (2000: 297): "Subjectification is a shift from a relatively objective construal of some entity to a more subjective one.
This study has two goals: first, to show that Avicenna's account of being and thing significantly influenced Aquinas's doctrine of the primary notions; second, to establish the value of adopting a mereological construal of these primary notions in the metaphysics of Avicenna and Aquinas.
Another study demonstrated that counteractive construal is helpful in situations that involve a self-control conflict.
Finally, Elman (2004) has suggested that lexical items act directly on mental states: lexical items act as sign posts to construal through semantic space.
The following words from Reinhard Hutter, which presuppose Thomas's conception of the dynamic reciprocity obtaining between intellect and will, aptly express my own understanding of the hermeneutical significance of Aquinas's construal of the relationship of dynamic reciprocity between intellect and will as situated in the ontological space between God as First Efficient Cause and God as Final Cause of all that exists:
tries to deal with conundrums raised by the "conventional 'Lutheran' and essentially forensic" construal of justification by faith and not by works of Law.
Subsequent papers discuss the tools for conceptual teaching--contrastive and error analysis--and analyses of learning problems in the areas of construal of motion events, temporal structure, and dynamic action.
are allowed by the construction) and resembles nominative subjects in this respect, it behaves more like a downstream participant in the holistic semantic construal of relations indicated in the sentence.
This construal of knowing is that which modern philosophy tends to make absolute.