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In the second stage, answering to the chrysalis stage of butterflies, they have six pairs of beautifully constructed natatory legs, a pair of magnificent compound eyes, and extremely complex antennae; but they have a closed and imperfect mouth, and cannot feed: their function at this stage is, to search by their well-developed organs of sense, and to reach by their active powers of swimming, a proper place on which to become attached and to undergo their final metamorphosis.
A few towns across the country are proving that a low-tech, low-cost system of constructed marshes can turn a "disposal problem" into a resource.
Shari Corrigan, a senior analyst with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), says the agency anticipates that single-family home construction will keep pace with 1991's results, while only half as many multiple-unit residences will be constructed.
In Dallas, Texas, a 51,000 square foot industrial project located in Duke's Freeport North industrial park that is 78 percent pre-leased to Computer Sciences Corporation, a global IT services company, and will be constructed in Duke's Texas Dugan joint venture;
To give a cover to its alleged wrongdoing, the authority has mentioned the name of a road in the tender notice which has already been constructed under the prime minister's development package for the city.
He said that FC constructed homes for the families of the martyrs as a sign of help to them.
That length of the M8/A8 Edinburgh - Greenock Trunk Road, being the newly constructed eastbound carriageway from its diverge from the circulatory carriageway of the Eurocentral Junction north roundabout generally eastwards to where it meets the circulatory carriageway of the Chapelhall Junction north roundabout, a distance of 1.
The right tunnel tube is constructed and open to traffic, and the left one is partially constructed (a street is constructed over the initial 115m of already constructed tunnel tube) for Resnik residential area local traffic operation purposes.
Mohmand (Munda) dam will be constructed at the river swat and work on its detail engineering design was continuing and will be completed in two years and construction work be completed in seven years.
The LEED rating system evaluates the location, design, construction, and operational aspects of newly constructed and renovated buildings, serving as a "voluntary national standard in which construction and renovation projects earn credits toward certification as sustainable buildings.
At issue was the appropriateness of adapting theories, techniques, and tools constructed for use in one cultural context for use in a different cultural context.
7) the Tax Court determined that roads on a ranch, which were constructed to reach depreciable improvements, had the same life as the improvements, because abandoning the improvements would also lead to abandoning the roads.