constructive criticism

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While Constructive Criticism encourages thought about culture, in its utopian ends, it also reminds us of skepticism and the trouble with utopias.
The other thing I encourage is constructive criticism or constructive dissension," he said.
I should, I am told, offer constructive criticism and partnership rather than polemical arguments which only serve to widen the chasm between our organizations.
Reward good work with praise, and be fair but timely with constructive criticism - and always in private.
Halsey Bullen, FASB project manager, said after reviewing "a lot of comments on the exposure draft that offered a lot of constructive criticism," (see also "FASB ED Changes Rules on Accounting for Transfers of Financial Assets," JofA, Jan.
If there is constructive criticism we will be glad to look at it and continue the discussions we've been having with them for two years," she said.
And providing in-class critiques of students' writing assignments can help you become better at giving constructive criticism to your colleagues.
The Company intends to conduct its closed beta testing in Korea scheduled to begin on December 27th, 2006, In addition, the management urges the 2 hedge funds, Ramius and Moon, to offer constructive criticism and positive encouragement as responsible shareholders.
We as ministers in the government, under the leadership of His Highness the Prime Minister, and our colleague decision-makers in the oil sector are not above accountability as we welcome constructive criticism that aims at improvement.
Kuwait: Kuwait's ruler opened a new parliament in the face of months of street protests and political unrest, saying he welcomed constructive criticism but would not accept lawless behaviour and chaos on the streets.
I don't mind constructive criticism but some people lost a sense of reality after the match with Spain.
The platform enables businesses to offer each other advice, suggestions, recommendations and even a little constructive criticism.

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