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President Barack Obama has called on Yemen's opposition to respond constructively to the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh "to resolve differences through dialogue and negotiation.
We will try our best to constructively invest additional efforts in this bilateral dialogue," Minister Milososki said.
Thus, a payment made on a long past-due account will not be constructively fraudulent (although it may qualify as a preferential transfer under s.
FPAC and its members have a strong and productive track record of working constructively with conservation groups, governments, and others on projects related to advancing sustainable forest management and environmental stewardship.
It seemed obvious to us he was not prepared to work constructively with us, so we felt we had no option but to pull out of the talks.
Many young people have no idea what career path they want to follow, and one way of using a gap year constructively is to do paid work experience ( an option that's even more relevant with the advent of university tuition fees.
For cash-method taxpayers like A, "all items which constitute gross income are to be included for the taxable year in which actually or constructively received" (Kegs.
The court held that the officer failed to establish that she was constructively discharged because of her gender in violation of Title VII, absent evidence that the defendants intentionally created an intolerable work atmosphere that forced the officer to quit voluntarily.
The second part of the book consists of four case studies where the authors interviewed the architects and engineers for buildings where they have clearly worked constructively together.
We all worked closely and constructively with the European Commission throughout this process and are pleased to reach this resolution," said Brad Smith, Microsoft Senior Vice President and General Counsel.
If the Mexican government wants to work constructively for immigration reform in general and a guest-worker system in particular, it needs to start becoming a partner in securing our border instead of an accomplice in overrunning it.
Church groups are now attempting to work constructively rather than confrontationally with the government on the issue.

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