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All hands now set to work to construct "bull boats," as they are technically called; a light, fragile kind of bark, characteristic of the expedients and inventions of the wilderness; being formed of buffalo skins, stretched on frames.
And now, what deep, far-reaching Theory was he to construct from them?
We have had to construct a second store house for the great quantity of this that we have gathered.
Nevertheless, I cannot help thinking that if we would put an improved breed of polliwogs in our drinking water, construct shallower roadways, groom the street cows, offer the stranger within our gates a free choice between the poniard and the potion, and relinquish our private system of morals, the other measures of public safety would be needless.
In the few weeks since my return you could not expect me to construct a 'theory.
From these observations, confirmed by many others, it may be safely inferred that the utmost depth at which corals can construct reefs is between 20 and 30 fathoms.
We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate.
It neither owns, operates, leases, manages, designs nor constructs any franchised facility, nor does it control the day-to-day operations of any lodging facility.
Qwest Communications designs and constructs fiber optic networks; manages its own nationwide long distance network; offers long distance services to commercial users, primarily small to medium-sized businesses; and is a premier "carrier's carrier," providing network transmission facilities to other long distance companies.
The "Vaccine" paper is entitled "Potent Immunogenic Short Linear Peptide Constructs Composed of B Cell Epitopes and Pan DR T Helper Epitopes (PADRE) for Antibody Responses in vivo.
NeuArchitect then automatically constructs and deploys complete e-business application code, including presentation, transaction, business object, database and transport layers, across a variety of leading technologies, including J2EE and Microsoft application servers.
New technologies in VCS include native code generation support for OpenVera(TM) assertions (OVA); native code generation support for OpenVera testbench constructs, called "VeraLite"; native support for CycleC, a RTL C++ performance technology; and a new native coverage metric, Observed Coverage.