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lt;Person> becomes consubstantial with human, unborn child, child, <life>, and baby.
The second strategy at work in their rhetorics is consubstantial identification, which, once achieved between speaker and audience through the realization that they are of the same substance, enhances identification of shared substance, as in my religious leaders' case (Smith, 2000, p.
After all, it was easier to accept that Jesus Christ was a very holy man rather than the consubstantial Son of God.
As Carnis puts it, Mises argues that bureaucracy is the counterpart of interventionism and of the absence of the profit motive: bureaucracy implies hindrances, inefficiency, and disturbances in the working of the free market, deals with a command and control mode of allocating resources, and is a consubstantial element of the existence of government.
It combines the sociological, didactical and technical discussions with the hidden, less accessible part that derives from the archaic cultural background, assumed as a consubstantial gift of the human condition.
It is, like the good Lord himself, consubstantial and co-eternal.
Via the procreant function, say the African-centered models, all African descent people (ADP) receive essential spirit (Osei, 1981) and thereby are to be construed as consubstantial in this spiritual essence.
Perhaps I could better say that Hill makes Peguy's Christian vision of soldiering consubstantial with his own modern doubt of that vision.
A revelation is consubstantial with Divinity, while an inspired text--though remaining theologically vital in any tradition, especially that of Christianity, is not the revelation and is composed by human beings under the influence of the Divine Spirit.
The why, how and when to cite, the choice of footnotes or endnotes, the style of notes and citation are all part of this consubstantial scientific skill.
Manifesting itself in the form of anxiety--an anxiety that is consubstantial with the murderous instinct that obeys the logic of retaliation--the face of the other, however, enjoins him not to kill.