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God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten not made, consubstantial with the Father; through him all things were made.
It is also a local context profoundly conducive to the notion that disorientation and estrangement can be consubstantial with rootedness or provinciality, and an excellent example of why the 'national' pasts of decolonization cannot be reduced to a known ground, or historical 'background', that in turn becomes the opposite of a 'universal' reality.
In other words, I do not imagine zoophilia as a form of monstrous love that occurs through immoral consubstantial identifications with an essentialized nature by those who would claim the right to authoritarian violence as spokespersons on its behalf.
If, as Peguy said, disdain for the temporal is a temptation consubstantial with Christianity, neither one of the two succumbed.
While applying for the description of the Son the triad in its nominal form (existentia-vita-intellegentia), Victorinus instantiates the consubstantial Father, in whom all these nominal occurrences are still in a state of latency, by verbal corollary of the triad where all the former nouns are given infinitive mood (esse-vivere-intellegere) and, accordingly, the Father is hinted at as a force without any determinable qualification (Adv.
No problem so consubstantial with that of literature and with its modest mystery as the problem a translation poses.
The inability of the senses to ever grasp transcendental ideas (chiefly Kant's Moral Law)--which can only be inferred through this inability--presented a formidable obstacle to the Romantic dream of a consubstantial symbol that wedded the noumenal and the phenomenal.
Slavery, as a particular form of exploitation of labor, is consubstantial to capitalism.
Spinoza had taken Ockham's razor to Cartesian substantive dualism by arguing that natural law, divine providence, and reason were visually one and the same, because the universe and the deity itself were consubstantial and coextensive.
For Borges, "no problem is as consubstantial to literature and its modest mystery as the one posed by translation," and no activity is more important to translation than reading ("The Homeric Versions" 69).
In such descriptions words and images are consubstantial, and so much so that works of natural history, studies of the secrets of nature, and even books of fables and emblems belong to the same tradition.
In TD's trial commercial use stage, products' consubstantial trend is important.