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Disposal of Sino-Investments Consultancy ( Qindgao) Ltd Geo
The 1st International Consultants Conference is organized by Al Maharah Consultancy supported by the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry Association as well as UAE Business Women council and Bell Consultancy to enhance interaction between Arab consultants and international peers and highlight the instrumental role played by consultancies in the socio-economic development of any country.
More than 350 international, regional and UAE consultants from 47 consultancy companies took part in the 1st International Consultants Conference, which was held on June 1 and 2 at Grand Hyatt Dubai.
SCOTT Wilson has appointed Christopher Bartram as head of commercial advisory within their business consultancy practice.
Consequently, the Judge granted wide ranging injunctions against IB Consultancy and Daniel and Marta Levy.
The Consultancy plans marketing campaigns, designs websites and literature for UK companies involved in construction, children's charities, hotels, property, finance and DIY.
HR and career consultancy clients' satisfaction is built not so much on the effectiveness of the service, but primarily on the overall experience of using the consultancy, both for the end beneficiaries and the actual buyers of the service.
YESTERDAY the Birmingham Mail ran details of proposed consultancy costs for West Midlands Police.
Confidence is seen as the main factor that drives success in the consultancy field.
RSSL) 0118 918 4085 has appointed Sarah Marshall as its new Head of Consultancy Business.
Total quantity or scope: Framework Agreement for provision of Property Consultancy Services across England, Wales and Scotland.
In-house communicators wanted a consultancy which was prepared to get to know their business, so that they could add greatest value to in-house operations.