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As such, to assist the South African Government on its deliberations at the CSW62, the Civil Society Consultative Dialogue, a collaboration between UN Women Multi-Country Office for Southern Africa, Ilitha Labantu and the African Women Independent Forum, will hold a Civil Society Consultative Dialogue in Tshwane on Friday 2nd March 2018.
would be given the status of 'Coordinating TOs' for their lead role in holding these consultative sessions on the sustained basis.
Licensed TOs offering collaboration will be given the status of Coordinating TOs for a lead role in holding the consultative sessions in different cities of Pakistan on a sustainable basis.
Congress, however, has the option to affirm or dismiss the recommendations being pushed the Consultative Committee.
The Consultative Mission of the Executive Directors is scheduled to hold consultative meetings at the Corinthia Hotel with the ministers of the economic and social sector, the private sector, development partners and diplomatic missions in Sudan.
More consultative sessions will also be held in big export centersviz Lahore, Multan, Sialkot, and Faisalabad for consultation with stakeholders.
The objective of theses consultative sessions is identification of issues from stakeholder's viewpoint-which affects the industry and exports from Pakistan and coming up with elaborate Trade Policy-which could benefit the trade in the long run.
Yousif Taqi, director and group CEO of Al Salam Bank-Bahrain, said: "We are delighted to host this year's Cibafi members consultative group meeting at the Bank and we would like to extend our appreciation to their tremendous efforts in promoting Islamic Banking and significant contributions towards their on-going support to the development of Islamic financial services industry.
This is the first meeting held at the new Office of the Consultative Committee.
The ministry of planning and development had already conducted a consultative workshop for top administrative officials in all the four provincial capitals.
The consultative group on climate change will be responsible to assist the ministry in taking better, viable and pragmatic decisions to reduce country`s vulnerability against climate change-induced disasters, particularly floods, heat waves, shifting rainfall patterns, erratic summer and winter seasons", Mushahidullah Khan said.
Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol, chairman of the external relations committee for the armed opposition, equally confirmed that his group received invitation from the regional bloc for a consultative meeting to be convened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 8-10 June.

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