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According to the consultative body, a second-degree ban would cover the following relatives of a politician:
The inclusion of an expert on the subject matter in the consultative body will ensure that the contentious issues on fiscal autonomy are reconciled," he stressed.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is a consultative body of the Council of Europe and meets four times a year for part-sessions in Strasbourg.
LAHORE -- The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) central consultative body on Thursday reiterated that any extraconstitutional dispensation would be a serious threat to the country's existence and called for holding elections on schedule in a free, fair and impartial atmosphere.
A consultative body formed by GCC official entities has finalised a study on exempting all kinds of gold from customs tariff in GCC states.
The abovementioned Coordination Center is an advisory and consultative body under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which was established pursuant to the final provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market".
Besides, a local consultative body for sustainable development was established to bring together all stakeholders in the region to discuss sustainable development issues.
to serve as a consultative body which provide the CND with a regional perspective on dealing with illicit drugs, it also facilitates cooperation and coordination in regional activities directed against illicit drug traffic and identifies priority issues and formulate recommendations to the Commission for addressing these issues.
The ministers will hold a regular meeting with some members of the consultative body of the Supreme Council to focus on some topics referred to the council, he affirmed.
The winner consultative body of the bid will be in charge of making sure that Az-Zour North One has fulfilled all guarantees and documents that all procedures for commercial operation have been completed in line with the ministry and GDF SUEZ, the authority statement added.
The meeting will also touch upon the subject of delegating the consultative body of GCC supreme council to prepare a comprehensive strategy on environment cooperation between GCC states, the draft strategic plan for the ministerial committee and the GCC's efforts to address environment challenges.
Saud Humaid Al-Subaie, a member of the consultative body, has revealed this.

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