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There can be no assurance that the merger will be consummated or, if consummated, the timing thereof.
30, 1991, the company successfully consummated a solicitation of consents from holders of subordinated notes.
Under the terms of the Change of Control Offer, ECCA is offering to purchase the outstanding Notes for a total consideration, per each $1,000 principal amount of Notes validly tendered and accepted for payment, equal to $1,010, if the Merger is consummated.
The proposed credit agreement amendment described in this press release is expected to be consummated in late July 2006, subject to market and other customary conditions, including receipt of consents from the appropriate lenders.
There Is No Certainty That a Negotiated Transaction With CDC Could Be Consummated in a Timely Fashion.
The Board reaffirms its support of the all cash transaction with M2M, which offers Onyx shareholders liquidity at a premium to Onyx's recent trading prices, as well as a high degree of certainty that the transaction can be consummated as soon as the third quarter of 2006.
3230 per share of Common Stock if the transactions are consummated.
Certain aspects of the exchange offer, if consummated, could result in the issuance of equity securities that would ordinarily require shareholder approval under the Nasdaq listing requirements.
OTC:SKYT) has been pursuing transactions that, if consummated, would result in the consolidation of the ownership of Mobile Satellite Ventures LP (the MSV Joint Venture) and TerreStar Networks, Inc.
The rights offering described in this press release is expected to be consummated in March 2006 and the further $75 million equity issuance is expected to be consummated before June 30, 2006, in each case subject to market and other customary conditions.
The IVAX acquisition is anticipated to be consummated on January 26, 2006.