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CONSUMMATION. The completion of a thing; as the consummation of marriage; (q.v.) the consummation of a contract, and the like.
     2. A contract is said to be consummated, when everything to be done in relation to it, has been accomplished. It is frequently of great importance to know when a contract has been consummated, in order to ascertain the rights of the parties, particularly in the contract of sale. Vide Delivery, where the subject is more fully examined. It is also sometimes of consequence to ascertain where the consummation of the contract took place, in order to decide by what law it is to be governed.
     3. It has been established as a rule, that when a contract is made by persons absent from each other, it is considered as consummated in, and is governed by the law of, the country where the final assent is given. If, therefore, Paul in New Orleans, order goods from Peter in London, the contract is governed by the laws of the latter place. 8 M. R. 135; Plowd. 843. Vide Conflict of Laws;, Inception; Lex Loci Contractus; Lex Fori; Offer.

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The Department of Justice also has reviewed the anticipated competitive effects of the proposal and advised the Board that consummation of the proposal would not likely have a significant adverse effect on competition in any relevant banking market.
The EITF also reached a consensus that a cost resulting from an exit plan should be recognized as a liability assumed as of the acquisition's consummation date only if the cost is not associated with or is not incurred to generate revenues of the combined entity after the consummation date and it meets either criterion (1) or (2) below.
Six commercial banking organizations would remain in the market after consummation, including two competitors each with more than 10 percent of deposits in the market.
Furthermore, Juniper Bank is well capitalized and would remain so on consummation of the proposal.
4) On consummation of the proposed conversion, the Desjardins Group would be a qualifying foreign banking organization.
On consummation of the proposal, Gateway would become the 81st largest insured depository institution in Virginia, controlling deposits of $139.
Consummation of the proposal without divestitures would be consistent with Board precedent and within the thresholds in the DOJ Guidelines in eighteen banking markets.
The Board notes that Schwab and its subsidiary depository institutions currently are well capitalized and are expected to remain so after consummation of the proposal.