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Similarly, there was little evidence of any risk associated with alcohol consumptio," said Dr Andrew Povey, from the University of Manchester's School of Community Based Medicine.
If these numbers are extrapolated into figures related to the EU, the cost would end up as 214 million [euro] for the European taxpayers, since the total consumptio n of RMC in the EU is approximately 491.
The renovation plan will seek to migrate from the network of 23 kilowatts (kW) to 230 kilowatts, which would reduce by up to 35 % its annual spending on electricity consumptio.
In other words, even if China's booming economy produced no gains in consumptio of meat, eggs, and beer, a 20 percent drop in grain production to 263 million tons would leave a shortfall of 216 million tons, a level that exceeds the world's entire 1993 grain exports of 200 million tons.
National Income Without Capital Consumptio n Adjustment by
Therefore, the union between cops and television has meant that the media has failed to negotiate an independent position reflecting the complexities of drug consumptio and drug-related crime.
Wise consumptio must become a way of thinking," said Petr Dokladal, regional manager of CEZ for Bulgaria.
110) He leaves the reader-hearer in the dark about the other extreme--what Thomas calls consumptio, or wasteful squandering--and moves on to describe the characteristics of the person who shows the qualities of the virtue of magnificence.
Our numerical experiments suggest that an anticipated rise in productivity, while leading to a fall in savings and an increase in consumptio n in the current period, initially generates a short-run decline in wealth.