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In order to receive your contact hour credit, you must evaluate each session you attend.
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It should be that if you think there's a problem with those institutions and something like contact hour growth, then we have that discussion.
If an all-day activity has five 60-minute sessions, using the 50 minutes = 1 contact hour formula, the participant would have earned 6 contact hours.
The survey results also revealed that there is concern about earning contact hours for re-certification; CCEs, in particular, expressed the most concern; and as CCPs get closer to their three-year re-certification deadline, their concerns regarding contact hours tend to increase.
October 15, 2004 Weaverville, NC lotto to Shiatsu Continuing Ed Workshop: 25 Category A CEU contact hours.
50 FTE) Credit-hour range, excluding 46 to 55 semester prerequisite courses credit hours (majority) Credit-hour range, including 71 to 80 semester prerequisite courses credit hours (majority) Average clinical hours required 1200 to 1400 clock hours Required FTE teaching load/ 13 to 15 (majority) semester Actual FTE teaching load/semester 9 to 12 (majority) Average lab sections/course 2 (labs held at clinical site) Average credit hours/lab course 1 Average weekly contact hours/ 4 lab section for the instructor Students/lab section (average) 5 Faculty assigned/lab section 1 Average credit hours/clinical course 4 Average student contact hours/ 512 hours/semester clinical course Average credit hour to contact hour 1:8 ratio Students admitted/year <10 (78%)
0 contact hour for poster viewing Exhibits Open/View Posters 2:15 p.
The Committee on Education is responsible for granting contact hour approval for educational programs offered by other organizations.
Think of it this way--24 contact hours for a 24 month period = 1 contact hour per month licensed.
The 2012 APHA Annual Meeting offers participants the opportunity to earn CE contact hour credits in four professional disciplines: CHES/MCHES, Nursing, CME (physicians and non-physicians) and CPH.