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The error in the linear extrapolation results is rather negligible in comparison with those associated with the other methods as the experimental temperatures are used directly and the spatial measurements are extremely close to the contact surface.
Kalker's (1973, 1978) equation based on the dimensions of the contact surface (E--Young's modulus; a--major semi axes of contact ellipse; b--minor semi axes of contact ellipse):
Joined food-contact surfaces that are overlap-welded present a metal-to-metal contact surface and are liable to flex, crack the welds and present a hidden niche for microbial growth.
These best injection conditions are: injection time, mould temperature, melt temperature of the two components and most important the melt temperature at the contact surface between the two components.
The drive unit can be rotated as well as moved longitudinally; and the PS1 can measure upside down, mounted on a surface plate or measuring stand, or perpendicular to the contact surface with an optional end face vee-block.
For instance, the brushes' bristles, which are a ten-thousandth the diameter of those of a toothbrush, are jammed together so densely that a nanotube brush head packs about 1,oo0 times as much contact surface area into each cubic micrometer as does a conventional toothbrush head, Cao says.
in medical practices, phone booths or automated teller machines, the gold contact surface makes the electrical connection between the computer in the terminal and the chip.
A photograph taken through a 4-mm 70[degrees] rod showed the vertical extent of the mass along the contact surface of the left vibratory margin, as well as the mass's vasculature and the anatomy of its attachment to the vocal fold (figure 2).
Krall, President and CEO of PURE Bioscience, stated, "This testing by the University of Arkansas further validates the powerful efficacy and practicality of our SDC-based disinfectant and food contact surface sanitizer in a simulated use setting when compared with traditional toxic chemicals.
The tire characteristically includes: a tread having a contact surface (1); plural circumferential grooves (2); plural lateral grooves (3); blocks (4) demarcated by the circumferential grooves and the lateral grooves in the contact surface of the tread; and plural sipes (5) provided in the blocks (4), wherein the bottom portion of each sipe (5) is provided with at least one upward-protruding projection (7) for integrally connecting respective facing groove walls of the sipe (5).
The newly developed ULTAGE Cylindrical Roller Bearing features larger rolling elements and a reviewed crowning shape to optimize the state of contact with the rolling surface for a shape that maintains an even contact surface pressure between the roller and the inner/outer rings, even if there is a high load applied or there is a large inclination on the shaft.