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President Obama understands that his options to dissuade Netanyahu are limited, but he does not want a major war to erupt in the Middle East--partly because he believes that it would not be containable and partly because of the Pentagon view that it would trigger a wave of suicide attacks directed against American soldiers and sailors in the region.
Emirates would see this move as something containable.
Getting fusion reactions to run in the range 1,000-1,500[degrees]C would be very thermally efficient, allow direct co-production of hydrogen from water, while also being containable by conventional materials.
But, if anything, the smaller the company the more containable the problems.
The bags are effectively small, fully containable units that are easy-to-use in a sterile environment.
The casualties, such as they are, are economic and environmental--and containable.
President Mubarak has a highly organised security apparatus in place and so far the number of protesters has been containable.
The impact will be containable but it will be there.
A recent secret note from an Andhra Congress MP, an ex- YSR groupie, to Sonia Gandhi recommends that the damage will be minimal and containable if action was taken against Jagan.
However, over the weekend these same government bosses backtracked a bit, insisting Hungary's fiscal woes are containable with appropriate budget cuts, and that despite all the difficulties, the government would stick to the current 2010 budget deficit target, leading to a recovery in the forint over the weekend.
We believe the short-term difficulties which Dubai is currently facing are containable.
loses a vital export target as long as this region stays in turmoil If the Greeks can be an isolated case, the challenge will be containable, but if this contagion spreads to the other PIIGS, the outlook in Europe is pretty bleak.