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Existing traditional storage architectures do not always offer this level of inherent scale and flexibility and, as a result, can fall short of unlocking the full potential of container application platforms like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
As a contributor to both the docker and Kubernetes projects, the latest version of Red Hat's container application platform provides an enterprise-ready version of Kubernetes 1.
Red Hat Cloud Suite combines the container application platform OpenShift Enterprise, with a massively scalable cloud infrastructure in the form of Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and a common management framework through Red Hat CloudForms.
5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the integrated docker container runtime through the latest version of Red Hat's container application platform.
Wipros cloud application factory will have a dedicated services team that can help drive the strategy, design, and delivery of next generation applications globally, using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hats award-winning container application platform.
In addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7, applications built with Red Hat Software Collections can also be deployed to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host and OpenShift, Red Hat's container application platform, giving more choice and flexibility for application portfolios.
Adding 15% SM 1300 to a 60 MFR PP in a container application raised the failure height 50% in frozen drop tests from 4 ft up to 6 ft.
5, the latest version of Red Hats enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-native container application platform.
The unique Zenlet engine - the plug-in container application - allows for the seamless delivery of content through platform-independent Zenlets to mobile phones, connected personal navigation devices (PNDs) as well as to in-dash computers.
Red Hat Cloud Suite offers an integrated hybrid cloud solution with a container application platform, massively scalable infrastructure and unified management tools, all available individually or via a single solution.
Integrated application development and portability, enabling users to build and deploy applications in a familiar, open source container application platform environment through OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat.
the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today introduced OpenShift Primed, a new partner designation to recognize a growing ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) who are integrating solutions with Openshift, Red Hats container application platform.