containing power

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The transition to LTE has led to increasing sales of RF front-end modules containing power amplifiers, duplexers, LNAs, switches, and antenna tuners, as related in the new Strategy Analytics report "Cellular RF Component Forecast 2015 - 2020: PAs, Duplexers and LNAs on a Growth Trajectory with LTE.
Removal and reinstallation of existing wiremold containing power, signal and thermostats for installation of new tack panel.
D, a 39-year-old Pakistani, who said that while he was on duty at the warehouse of his company at about 2 o'clock at night, and inspecting the vicinity of the warehouse containing power cables, he was shocked by some people attacking him.
02am, the vehicle was found to have crashed with a lamppost containing power cables as it headed down Ebchester Bank, close to St Mary's convent.
He was seen pushing a trolley containing power tools out of a rear delivery yard at B&Q.
The man cut a cable, releasing the padlock from a secure cabinet containing power tools.
During the 16 months of construction, 53,000 feet of conduit, 150,000 feet of wire, 688 general and specialty receptacles, 3,500 feet of cable tray, two complete dimming systems, 600,000 feet of voice data and fiber optic cable and 88 floor boxes containing power phone and data all fed from a 1,200 amp 480 volt distribution system.
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were carefully guided away from rooms containing power cables and workmen's equipment.
assume power, whatever the ultimate containing power of the play might be" (15).
It amounted instead to a fusion of American inputs with British conceptions of their special status, European designs for balancing and containing power, and corporatist conceptions that were rooted in European history-the whole adding UP, as Hogan puts it, to an America made the European way.
Tenders are invited for Inspection, Evaluation, Testing, Repairing & Reconditioning Of Passenger Information System, Display Units Containing Power Supply (Dc-Dc Convertor), Controller/Communication Pcb & Displays.