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Finally, single-use products can improve overall production yields as part of a manufacturer's integrated contamination control strategy.
Q: Are there specific types of contamination that bioprocessors need to control in their production processes?
There are three potential sources of common contamination: cross contamination, microbial contamination and biologic contamination of the process facility.
But in April 2002 the DOD was sued by a citizens' coalition urging the Army to address remaining contamination problems at the Flats.
However, state attorneys general disagree with the DOD's reading, and have expressed concern that the RRPI would effectively mean states could not require the DOD to take any action to address munitions-related contamination on a range--even if that contamination were to migrate offsite and contaminate drinking water supplies--unless regulators could prove imminent and substantial endangerment from the contamination.
The radioactive contaminant was 60cobalt, After the company discovered the contamination, it was forced to shut down its production for 28 days while it spent more than $2 million in cleanup costs.
It was the first publicly documented incident of a steel mill closing due to radiation contamination.