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He is unaware that sublime knowledge, that the most practical ideas of political economy, for example, fertile sources of the prosperity and happiness of nations, are hidden in the characters that he contemns, and that, had his forefathers known how to lift the veil, he himself would not be reduced to sharing with his huge family a piece of black bread in a rude hut.
Thus Socrates would exile Homer not because he contemns poetry but to avoid the separation of language from doxology.
Cary writes: `[Spencer] seeing the violence of the Tide, begins to fear it; and letting his Anchor fall, hulls out the full Sea in the Royal Harbour; he strikes his top-sail, yet contemns the Winds that cause the Tempest' (62).
It also contemns radical challenges that claim, falsely, to supplant that traditional account when they are only variants of it.
Meanwhile the friend is on overfamiliar terms with a World tha contemns him--"The soil is this, that thou dost common grow"--and the poet, although he despises the World, repeats these rumors to the friend as if there might be some truth to them.
Weil contemns most of all the force that "does not kill just yet," that "merely hangs, poised and ready, over the head of the creature it can kill, at any moment, which is to say at every moment.