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Piano Moods: Contemplations, 27 pieces on the quiet side; Piano Moods: Gradations, 33 pieces on the innocent side; Piano Moods: Fascinations, 35 pieces on the quirky side, by various artists.
Messiaen's Contemplations of Covenant and Incarnation
Metaphor, repetitive rhythm, and a common theme of searching for the Infinite by scrutinizing the world, whether with a magnifying glass or a telescope, characterize the original contemplations of Mulberry.
From discussions about alien life to the possibility of time travel, teleportation, theories behind parallel worlds, contemplations concerning the existence of God, The Science of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reviews some of the most popular knowledge conundrums with a lighthearted wit and snappy satire worthy of its title.
His new piece, Older Testaments, made for his company's 20th anniversary, is partly informed by Dorfman's Jewish upbringing and his contemplations on how Jews and Arabs have moved apart over the centuries.
Contemplations of A Convict: A Journey to Freedom When Innocence Isn't Enuf by Anton Forde/Trevor Mattis.