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He sat silent, holding the precious little book of poems unopened in his hands, and Katharine watched him, the melancholy or contemplative expression deepening in her eyes as her annoyance faded.
Nor is there compensating influence in the adorable bridesmaids; for, having very little interest in the bride, and none at all in one another, those lovely beings become, each one of her own account, depreciatingly contemplative of the millinery present; while the bridegroom's man, exhausted, in the back of his chair, appears to be improving the occasion by penitentially contemplating all the wrong he has ever done; the difference between him and his friend Eugene, being, that the latter, in the back of HIS chair, appears to be contemplating all the wrong he would like to do--particularly to the present company.
it was dull, certainly; not to say dreary; but a contemplative man can always employ himself in meditation.
It was Godfrey's custom on a Sunday afternoon to do a little contemplative farming in a leisurely walk.
Porthos pretended that this occupation was proof of a reflective and contemplative organization, and he had brought him this gentleman, for whom he believed himself to be engaged, had won Planchet--that was the name of the Picard.
Perhaps a germ of love was springing in their hearts, so pure that it might blossom in Paradise, since it could not be matured on earth; for women worship such gentle dignity as his; and the proud, contemplative, yet kindly soul is oftenest captivated by simplicity like hers.
He was a contemplative, rather stout gentleman, of excellent digestion; of quiet perceptions, undiseased by hypothesis; happy in his inability to know the causes of things, preferring the things themselves.
Not only did the contemplative practices help Henjum relax before her Multicultural Population Health Promotion class, they may have contributed to her earning her highest grade that semester.
Synopsis: The collaborative work of Joseph Loizzo (who is a contemplative psychotherapist, Buddhist scholar, and author with over four decades' experience integrating Indo-Tibetan mind science and healing arts into modern neuropsychology, psychotherapy, and clinical research); Miles Neale (the Assistant Director of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, co-developer of the Nalanda Institute's Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Clinical Instructor of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College); and clinical psychologist Emily J.
While I agree with Smith et al's assessment of abrupt cessation for patients in the preparation and action stages of change as created by DiClemente and Prochaska, (2) most clinical patients are in the pre-contemplative and contemplative stages of change.
Yoga, Meditation, and Mysticism: Contemplative Universals and Meditative Landmarks
Contemplative prayer isn't about finding stillness or recharging your batteries.