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The book presents a case for recognizing the role of black British art and artists in shaping a contemporary account of aesthetics as a field of social practice.
Salma apa, as she's fondly called, bases her recreation of Zafar's table on a forgotten contemporary account by Rais Ahmed Jafri in Urdu titled Bahadur Shah ka Asr- e- Hukumat ( The Years When Bahadur Shah Ruled).
Patrick Hussey of Jefferson will appear as The Wiz in Dominican University's production of "The Wiz," a contemporary account of the popular children's book.
Beauty's Secret is a contemporary account of a young girl who readers will meet at birth, follow through to her early years and find themselves understanding her in her teens.
The author relies very heavily on Micheline Kearney-Walsh's edited post-Kinsale correspondence of Hugh O'Neill and Tadhg O'Cianain's contemporary account of the flight and the earls' settlement in Rome.
Nonetheless, as Mackay also notes, Kerssenbrock's work remains valuable: it preserves numerous documents associated with the events under discussion; it is the most extensive contemporary account of these events; it has been an important source for much of the subsequent historical writing on Anabaptist Munster; and it provides valuable insights into the mind of a staunch Catholic in the confessional age.
And last night the magic was repeated with the live transmission of the Liverpool Nativity - a contemporary account of the Christmas story with, literally, a cast of thousands.
applauded lustily such declarations as: The important thing is to put an end [to criticism of the Roosevelt administration] by whatever means may be necessary -- be as ruthless as the enemy," recorded one contemporary account.
8 A contemporary account of the urban thinking is given in Crossroads Berlin, AR January 1993.
Mercy Otis Warren, sister of James Otis and wife of James Warren, both prominent Massachusetts politicians, provided a lively contemporary account of the American Revolution in her three-volume Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution.
It opens with a fascinating quotation from a contemporary account of a visit to a mine in the mid-19th century by an inquisitive traveller who went underground and around the surface interviewing workers, and continues with much new material on mines such as Cwmsymlog, Rhoswydol, Cowarch and the gold-works at Red Dragon.
Williams (1949); Story of the Great March (1865), a contemporary account by Major George Ward Nichols; Sherman's March Through the Carolinas (1956), by John Barrett; Burke Davis, Sherman's March (1980); and The Memoirs of William Tecumseh Sherman (2 v.

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