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According to a notification issued on February 2, the apex court had initiated contempt proceedings against Chaudhry on account of "derogatory and contemptuous speeches/statements" with regard to the court.
Nehal Hashmi, who has already served a month's sentence for a threatening and contemptuous speech, is also facing another contempt case being heard by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar himself.
Sources said that Talal Chaudhary and Danial Aziz will be framed charges over contemptuous statements against judges.
Let us remember that what they are doing is contemptuous because this has already been under trial and they are trying to go ahead, like saying these are trumped up charges.
In a short ruling, Justice Ashi declared Kashamu's suspension as illegal and described the action of the party as being contemptuous and adjourned the matter till February for hearing.
He said the award of the tender constituted a deliberate and contemptuous act of fraud on the public.
Maybe we are seeing the contemptuous attitudes of these individuals torn from them, leaving others to contemplate the fact that they are not above the law and that the value of an individual is not solely based on financial status, or what others can do for you.
The court issued the notice while hearing a contempt plea moved by petitioner Ahmad Nawaz Khan, who stated that Sethi deliberately and intentionally violated the restraining order and was still functioning in his job, adding that he had also used contemptuous language against the court.
In a statement released by Galatz commander Yaron Dekel, he explained that the song "is contemptuous towards IDF soldiers.
Tom Winsor, speaking to a conference in Warwickshire, said many criminal barristers "speak in contemptuous terms" of the quality of police evidence that is sometimes provided and educational standards had fallen "significantly" since the 1930s.
It's nauseating and utterly contemptuous to the public who know the only way to get money out of any financial institution is to conclusively prove you don't need it.
His contemptuous treatment by some right-wingers suggests that perhaps the reverse is true.