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That was enough to make me avoid her, quite apart from the contemptuous feeling with which she contemplated me.
I feel as if the first contemptuous look that is cast at my husband will destroy
There remained but England; and we know the contemptuous antipathy with which she received Barbicane's proposition.
I handed down her tea with a slightly contemptuous smile, and said nothing, for I had nothing to say.
Thwackum put on a contemptuous sneer at this, and replied, "Ay, ay, I will venture him with you.
Quite so, where you please," said Ryabinin with contemptuous dignity, as though wishing to make it felt that others might be in difficulties as to how to behave, but that he could never be in any difficulty about anything.
They rarely spoke; and when they did it was in some short and contemptuous remark, which served to put the physical superiority of a white man, and that of an Indian, in a sufficiently striking point of view.
Between the two stood the trapper, deprived of his rifle, his pouch and his horn, but otherwise left in a sort of contemptuous liberty.
Mr Chester sat up in bed next morning, sipping his coffee, and remembering with a kind of contemptuous satisfaction how he had shone last night, and how he had been caressed and courted, when his servant brought in a very small scrap of dirty paper, tightly sealed in two places, on the inside whereof was inscribed in pretty large text these words: 'A friend.
Oh,' returned Tom, with contemptuous patronage, 'she's a regular girl.
It made such a painful impression upon him to hear her talking in this haughty tone, and to see her patting her contemptuous lips with her fan, that he said very earnestly, 'Believe me, ma'am, this is unjust, a perfectly groundless suspicion.
And yet he was ashamed even before Sonia, whom he tortured because of it with his contemptuous rough manner.