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I bang on my window, the double-glazing reverberates, But the feline fiend just glances contemptuously over its broad-boned shoulder, mocking my pathetic attempt To save the bird: but who so besets fat cat should not relent.
4 COUNTY looked every bit the champions they are soon to become as they contemptuously brushed aside Hampton on a freezing cold afternoon in London.
Now the Democrats have a majority and can be expected to view the bill contemptuously.
Bardakoglu also said that everybody had the right to exercise the belief they wanted and added, "I think religious minorities in Turkey have always benefited from these freedoms and nobody was treated contemptuously because of his/her belief or religion".
Now, most contemptuously of all, it is out of touch with the vast majority of people's opposition to animal human hybrid experimentation, to the upper time limit of 24 weeks for abortions and to the abolition in law of the child's need for a father.
This is not a highfalutin name for something that has been contemptuously dismissed as primitive religiosity.
His ending was equally perverse, throwing the ball contemptuously back at his fans after manipulating them and teasing them for an hour with red herrings.
What do you do when you have politicians who refuse the invitation to dialogue," Bishop Henry asked, "and act rather contemptuously with regard to Catholic teaching?
As I read through Professor Suozzo's fascinating and enthralling descriptions of the incredible back-stories involved in staging the Chicago Marathon, I struggled to come up with any other sports event that so ridiculously, so contemptuously dismisses our hip embrace of tailoring sports to television-styled time slots.
If the routine holds true to form, Schwarzenegger will contemptuously ignore Angelides' pleas for meetings, while Angelides will whine about how the governor is ``ducking'' him.
Above all, there was Edwin Stanton who had contemptuously dismissed "that long armed gorilla" in a law case in 1855, and continued to demean Lincoln as president.
This is a man who has since continuously and contemptuously ignored a string of driving bans.