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The women I interviewed expressed feelings which ranged from numbed indifference to fervent contemptuousness.
Anti-political, anti-majoritarian, elitist, Ernie O'Malley repeatedly evinced a dismissive arrogance close to that which Liam O'Flaherty identified in one of his characters, said to possess "that arrogant contemptuousness which seems to be characteristic of all revolutionaries".
Maybe he could have his own drama series and play the same role; he has the right voice, appearance, and an unnerving contemptuousness for much of what he sees around him.
Ashamed of his contemptuousness, he spent his life listening politely, with fixed attention, to their inferior evaluations and their inferior insights and their inferior alibis.
After all, contemptuousness, cynicism, and peevishness are traits of character, in this case our national character.
which in the north country made a conscious political decision to address workers' concerns (an effort greeted with tremendous sneers by Cooper), Big Green revealed the contemptuousness of professional environmentalists who think hey can ask people to vote for tax increases and job losses without offering anything in return toward meeting people's legitimate interests.