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Speght's other publication, Mortalities Memorandum (1621), is a verse meditation on death in the contemptus mundi tradition prefixed by a shorter poem, The Dreame, in which a female narrator describes her journey from ignorance to knowledge until her learning is curtailed by an "occurrence" left unspecified in the text (l 234).
Ademas de observar la ejemplaridad de otras religiosas, la novicia debia leer obras como el Contemptus Mundi de Gerson para aprender a rechazar la atraccion de valores mundanos como el prestigio, poder, o amor propio.
He argues that the metaphor of the instrument served to provide a challenge to the account of providence and providential praxis and shaped the Jesuit's mission and relation to the world, in particular the rejection of asceticism and the philosophy of contemptus mundi, thereby setting them apart from the orders that came before.
Such extreme excess could be reconciled to a contemptus mundi stoicism, but this sorts poorly with the general association between feasting on dainties and the erotic consumption of the female body; in the Hypnerotomachia, the body of the woman is explicitly turned into a banquet: "hir hand .
In particular, I will focus on their similar call to contemptus mundi through a holocaust of earthly passions and even, if necessary, life itself, along with their accompanying proposals--expressed in the converted language of human love--to embrace, and be embraced by, the One who is life and love.
It is this pure desire for God that evinces such a strong sense of radical pessimism and repudiation with respect to this world and the material body--a contemptus mundi--that is for most, if not quite all, Gnostics (6) the very badge of their faith.
In this later dream vision, the text at first seems to advocate either a generically Stoic philosophy or a sort of contemptus mundi: "That he ne shulde hym in the world delyte" (66).
Co-opting "thrift" for their prodigal ventures, the Christians, specifically Antonio, denounce the thrift of Shylock's moneylending in the name of contemptus mundi.
523), or in Pope Innocent III's late twelfth-century tract Contemptus mundi, or De miseria humane conditionis.
49) Strictly speaking, Mill's was not a true Gnosticism, which is always characterized by a Contemptus Mundi--a hatred of this world.
Succinctly put, if the medieval notion of contemptus mundi or the belief that humans are merely equal to birds and beasts governs Christian philosophy, then people are not stewards of the earth since it can be viewed as something for which we have no responsibility and can exploit.
Esisteva, infatti, una lunga tradizione letteraria che promuoveva il contemptus della corte.