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The danger of federal intrusion into state matters is not the only concern, as critics also contend that using federal resources places undue strain on taxpayers and the budgets within the judicial system.
Taylor contends that the RBOCs are struggling to find qualified technical people to install and troubleshoot DSL service, which is adding to the problem.
That rejection is being challenged by Cemex in a separate federal court case that contends that the supervisors had no right to reject the quarry and asserts the supremacy of federal mining law over the power of cities and counties to regulate surface mining within their borders.
By restricting his analysis to middle-class youth, Neubauer overlooks what many scholars (Hendrick, Linton, Humphries, and Springhall) contend to be the major reason that the adolescent concept became a significant social fact: the fear engendered by the growing numbers and perceived precocity/independence of working-class youth in the urban environment.
The lawsuit contends all six pharmacists are opposed to dispensing the morning-after pill and/or "Plan B" medication because of their religious, moral, and ethical beliefs.
The Oxnard police contend that the Miranda ruling does not include a constitutional right to be free of coercive interrogation, and Solicitor General Olsen agrees with them.
He thereby opposes those, such as Gillis and Musgrove, who contend that the adolescent concept first gained general acceptance in regard to middle-class youths' extended dependency resulting from their secondary school experience during the nineteenth century.
The minority report contends that the Castaic Lake Water Agency, the Valencia Water Co.
However, others contend that opening the road would threaten pedestrians and cyclists, while ruining the rural nature of the neighborhood.
The petitioners contend that the transgenic plants are a threat because they continuously produce massive doses of a modified, already active version of a single Bt toxin, which could lead to the development of resistance in insects within 2 to-10 years.
Parts of the Bible contend that menstruating women are polluted and dangerous to men.
L'Dera and other parents in the group contend the school is too harsh with its discipline, suspending students with little justification, and in violation of state law.