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Some individuals contend that the majority of the case influx results from Project Exile and that most defendants in these cases require court-appointed lawyers.
As few as two years ago, Metzler contends, corporations were paying as much as $700 a month for T1 access to a POP.
By restricting his analysis to middle-class youth, Neubauer overlooks what many scholars (Hendrick, Linton, Humphries, and Springhall) contend to be the major reason that the adolescent concept became a significant social fact: the fear engendered by the growing numbers and perceived precocity/independence of working-class youth in the urban environment.
He thereby opposes those, such as Gillis and Musgrove, who contend that the adolescent concept first gained general acceptance in regard to middle-class youths' extended dependency resulting from their secondary school experience during the nineteenth century.
In the petition, they charge EPA with the "wanton destruction" of what they contend is the world's most important biological pesticide.
Parts of the Bible contend that menstruating women are polluted and dangerous to men.