contend against

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Well, you know what we have to contend against, but we too, are not without strength.
Do you suppose I should contend against the most valiant sword in the kingdom?
Crux were as old-fashioned as the furniture -- if there were no protective niceties of modern invention to contend against -- there was chance enough beyond all question.
The World and European Indoor 60m champion will be hoping to contend against Jamaican superstar Bolt along with six of his Great Britain and Northern Ireland team-mates including new British champion 100m champion Chijindu Ujah and European champion James Dasaolu.
And lawyer Alejandro Balbi, who is also a member of Uruguay's FA, said: "Legally it's easier to contend against the terms of the ban that forbid him from training and being at the club because they violate fundamental rights.
Balbi told Uruguayan newspaper El Observador: "It would be more logical to reduce the sanction by a few months than to reduce the ban concerning international games, because legally it's easier to contend against the terms of the suspension that forbid him from training and from being at the club, because they violate fundamental rights.
They (the ECP) promised us that they will contend against the rigging we complained about last year," he said.
In the second round of the tournament, the winner of Group A will play against runner-up of Group B on June 28, followed by one semifinal match on July 8, in which the winner of the first quarterfinal will contend against the winner of the second quarterfinal.
Any government is confined to an election tenure after which it has to contend against other parties to recover power.
Even an upswing in yields that emerged in May 2013 will contend against maturing investments from the past turning up with low rates.
The 'Batman Begins' star shared a pic of Malraux's quote which said that "the real struggle begins when you have to contend against a part of your own self.
Cricket will have a powerful rival this season to contend against, viz the game of rounders, which although the new game was only introduced last season, it became very popular.